This is the message Dennis Courtland Hayes, an Afro-American former chief lawyer and interim president & CEO of the NAACP, conveys while in West Africa. Travelling from Ghana, through Togo, and into Benin West Africa, Dennis experiences the richness of his many first-time observations that raises his consciousness about how black Africans, Afro- Americans, and African Americans can truly be proud of their African heritage and culture.


From the emotional visits to slave forts… to spontaneous village performances of traditional music and dance… to bustling cities juxtaposed to the sparsely populated northern West African Sub-Sahara, Mr. Hayes questions and invites more probing analyses of American history books and news reports that are responsible for the miseducation that Africans, Afro- Americans, and African Americans are inferior. It is this misperception that fuels the fire of racism in America. Dennis offers that  Africa is part of the solution to this problem.









West Africans from all walks of life express their opinions about what they want to see happen in order for Africa to keep moving forward. Incisive views are expressed about how the modern world can intertwine with the rich traditions of Africa.

See the spectacular colors, hear the rhythmic music, watch the energized dance, listen to the intelligence of the people and share the pride…







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